Oct 16 Thursday -Bruce

Oct.20,Monday , 23 Thursday Steve

Oct 27 ,Monday Bags  , 30 Thursday Bags

Nov.3rd. Monday Russ B.   Nov.6th Thursday  Russ B

Nov.10th Monday Mark  Nov.13th Thursday Mark

Nov.17th Monday John P.  Nov.20th Thursday  John P. 

Thursday, October 27      Muni

Three tee times starting at 9:37

Meet at the course at 9:15

Bags, Steve, John P, Bob

Russ L, Vince, TT, Jose

Russ B

To be added or deleted contact  Bags at 299-9577

Next Tues the 28th....

9:53 at Reems Creek

to be added E-mail

Other:  Broadmoor - ORB League is pre-booked and plays here every Mon and Thurs, beginning at 9AM


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