*** THE 2015 Bermuda Cup Tournament is coming up soon!!! ***

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"Bring your "A" game to compete in our annual season-ending Tourney"

Season Schedule  

Min. of 10 rounds of ANF seasonal play req'd  to establish TBC entry eligibility (late Aug. 2015     
July 27 Monday Peter    July 30 Thursday Peter

Aug.3 Monday Vince (for Patrick) Aug.6 Thursday Vince (for Pat)

Aug 10 Monday Greg.   Aug. 13 Thursday Greg

Bermuda Cup...8/17 , 8/20    John, Ted

Bermuda Cup 8/24 , 8/27  John, Ted

Aug.31 Monday Tony   Sept 3 Thursday Tony


Monday, August 3rd.   We will be playing at the Black Mountain golf course. 

Our first tee time is 9:43 A.M.  Please meet at the golf course by 9:15 A.M.

Players: Ted, Mark, Greg, Peter, Tony, John P., Steve H.,

Jose, Ernie, Vince, Bags, Russ, Dave, Bob B, Mike,

To be added to the list call Vince Angelico at 828-595-2662.

If you are on the list and cannot make it to the golf course and

need to cancel PLEASE call me on my cellphone:828-318-9058.


The 2015 Bermuda Cup Tournament (TBC or "The Cup") will again consist of 3 rounds, played on 3 different, high caliber, area courses.  

The dates are: August 20, 24, and 27

The start date for registering your space in this year's tourney is Monday August 3.  The last day to register is Monday August 17. For more info and to reserve your spot, see John P or Ted during the next 2 weeks with your intended dates of play. 

Your tournament entry fee of $30 (cash only) will lock in your position.  Entry fees MUST BE RECEIVED BY Mon Aug 17.  (There is a lot of tournament prep work in the 3 days leading up to Round 1, so your early, timely payment is most appreciated.) Remember, you must be current on your ANF dues AND have played 10 or more rounds with the group (between April 1 and Aug 17 2015) to qualify for entry in the tourney. 

On a space available basis, ANF members who wish to play any or all days but do not meet the 10 round minimum are welcome.  Just let John P or Ted know of your interest and which day(s), and we should be able to find you a slot.

FYI, there again will be an optional, stand-alone, "skins" game held during each of the 3 tourney rounds.  ALL ANF golfers, both competing and non-competing for the TBC, are eligible to participate in any or all of the 3 separate skins games.  Cost is $5 per game (again, cash upfront please).  The skins games have no bearing on determining the winner of the TBC trophy and the decision to play in them is entirely at your option.

The Champion Golfer of the TBC will be determined by his tournament game day par points compared to his par point index as of end of play on Monday Aug 17. A minimum of 2 rounds must be played in the TBC to qualify for the trophy. If all 3 rounds are played, only your 2 BEST rounds will be used to qualify for winning "The Cup".  You need not have to play all 3 to win the Tournament.  History has already shown us that 2 good rounds will win good prize money (and maybe even "The Cup"!)

The following 3 courses have been selected for 2015 TBC Tournament play by the Tourney co-chairs, (based on a set of weighted criteria).  All tee times and special pricing are now locked in.  No greens will be impacted by aeration.

Etowah GC start 8:00AM  (we'll be first off!) ($35)
Pebble Creek - the Linkside 18 - (the private side)  start 9:30AM   ($35)
Springdale GC  start 8:33AM   ($40)

Quality food and beverage service will be available for purchase at the courses during, and especially after, the rounds.

More specific details re:actual tournament playing rules will be posted here in the near future - stay tuned.  See John P or Ted in the interim if you have any questions, etc.

Our main goal is to provide our friends in ANF golf with the highest quality, ability- challenging, golf experience package we can put together (and still have boatloads of memorable fun!!)  We look forward to another competitive finale to our 2015 Season with this year's TBC Championship.   

JP and TT 

TBC Co-Chairs






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